29 November 2009

Dressing up a Dress!

It got filthy hot here in Manila. Isn’t it that November-December should be cold? It still feels like summer damnit. Yesterday it was cold, today it’s scorching hot, tomorrow what?! What the hell is with our weather? :))

It's Getting Cold, Guys!

Christmas is near everyone! Excited about everything! \:D/

Statement Toothbrush

I thought of having a collection of toothbrush. And here's the first toothbrush I got for my collection :> LOL

28 November 2009

I call it, Magic (**,)

I know, it's disgusting. I didn't know how to clean my scruffy room.

But then, I was able to manage the cleaning shit. Mouahaha! >:)

Mister Closet

So I tried sorting my closet thingees... Unfortunately, it didn't look the way I planned on doing.

'Cos I miss Rae :))

Photograph and edit by Rae Hewlett

Artsy Fartsy

My boo made this. Sssso beautiful.


08 November 2009

We'll Prove the Bastards Wrong Someday

Mr. Boyfriend announced to me that he'll be leaving January 2010 to Alberta, Canada. Sucks. Anyhow, he'll be studying there and such. We'll be doing long distance relationship, with the web cam and such. Ggah, I dunno how I can survive that. He said he'll be visiting every now and then, I think that's good enough... Heart breaking. It's just that, I've been used to spend the whole day, everyday with him just sitting and talking and cuddling and whatever on the couch since the day I became his girlfriend. Now, I dunno how I can practice myself to not seeing him almost everyday. :(

It's almost Time

Special thanks to the following:

TITA BUNNY - Pink choker
BEE - Bracelet

02 November 2009

I Need Help

I've been searching for this kind of sunglasses everywhere :( Can't find 1. Please, do give me links to where I could find something like this. Please? :(