15 February 2010


You, all, will be seeing me seldom on the net from now and forevermore. I shall spend my concluding years in real life studying, working, socializing and such. This is according to my very own free will and no one else's.

Rules to abide:
(1) During school days, I'm only allowed to use the internet twice a week, which is Friday night and Saturday or Sunday (I hafta choose).
(2) "My" holidays (e.g. hearts day, loved ones birthdays, etc.) are exempted from rule number 1.
(3) I'm only allowed to blog (including outfit posts) once a month during school days. However, I'm obliged to blog 30 posts a month during summer. Moreover, Christmas break is obligatory 15 post the most.
(4) School works, of course, are always exempted to any rules.
(5) I shall do 90% of my every power for the rest of my 8 years of dentistry practice, studying and nothing else. I NEED TO BE A DEAN'S LIST AT LEAST 50% OF MY STUDYING LIFE.

So, wish me luck you, guys! Au revoir pour maintenant!

13 February 2010