10 April 2011

Transferring to a new home

I'm sorry to inform the viewers of this blog that I would be permanently transferring to a new blog site. Micro-blogging is so much easier especially in my case that I really need to save time when I blog. Hope you guys understand. Anyway, click the photo to warp you to my new blog.

P.S. Sorry about the late notice. I love you! :)

31 December 2010



Anyway, I dyed my hair once again. This time, it's no longer pure red/mahogany, it's now light auburn. LOL. I know it wouldn't look that different, but still... Whatever :P :))

Daily Face Wear and some other Shiz

This will be my first time making a blog about make-ups and such. Since I'm not much of a make-up person, I can only share a little review about certain products and I'll tell you in advance that it wouldn't be much of a professional's talk :P But I'll try my best.

Anyway, here's my everyday face art :)

ChapStick - I love its smell (Vanilla) and effect. It's actually the only lip balm that has stayed in my lips for more than 2 hours. My lips actually feel soothed and moisturized throughout the hours.
Fresh Lip Balm of The Face Shop in Cherry Flavor - I just recently purchased this lip balm and so far, it has given me an okay result. It gives you a juicy, natural looking colored lips with that fresh smell of cherry. I apply this on top of the ChapStick, covering the smell of ChapStick. Nonetheless, the ever moisturizing effect of the ChapStick's still lasts even if this colored lip balm fades out quickly.
In2it's Oil Control & Oil Free 2-way foundation Extra Cover with SPF25 UVA/UVB in Chaste - My face is too oily for my life! So, to get a lil help in controlling this, I use this along with my oil film. What I like about this foundation is its cute pink case; its waterproof quality, thus, making it hold on to your face even if you sweat; its long lasting quality that limits your application from 2-3 times a whole day already; its 2-way application (may be applied wet or dry. But I prefer applying it dry); and it protects pretty faces from the sun's harmful effects.
Clean & Clear's Oil Control Film in Blue - This also comes in pink (scented) and yellow (matte finish). Since my face is really, really, really, really oily, I cannot really live without this. Nevertheless, I still am thankful that my face is like this, this just means that I wouldn't wrinkle that much someday :P
Herbench's Paintbox Cheek Tint in 02 - I promise you that this is the best cheek  make-up ever. Ever! It stays 24 hours (or perhaps more than if you wouldn't wash it) on your face. You will not need to re-apply every now and then. It's also absolutely affordable!
Bench Fix Professional Soo Polish Shine Wax with Olive Oil - This is the only hair styling  product that could really manage my hair. Well, my hair's the opposite of the most perfect hair in the universe, and I must say, it's a miracle that this could really manage my hair.
Victoria's Secret's Vanilla Lace - I don't really like perfumes, I'm a baby cologne person. But for the sake of womanhood, I found myself this really light smelling perfume. Unfortunately, it doesn't last on you for more than an hour. 
Occasional face art. The products I use in photo-shoots. Well, minus the eye shadows 'cos I usually just use whatever my mom has or whatever people gives me :P

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lip gloss in Chocolate - This was given by my boyfriend. He actually gave me two, the other one's peppermint cinnamon, but I bogusly lost it. Boo-to-the-hoo! Anyway, this is a basic awesome smelling lip gloss.

Victoria's Secret's Sexy Little Things lip balm - It's a really nice tinted lip balm that goes on your lips like a lipstick but this doesn't stay that long.
In2it's Lash Xtra Mascara in Very Black - It's a basic mascara that gives a natural looking thick lashes. One thing I was impressed about it is that it doesn't smudge at all. But its brush is really a turnoff. It's really hard to put it on. I bought this with an awesome eyeliner.

In2it's Waterproof Eyeliner in All Black - This is a really awesome eyeliner, you apply it as easy as a pencil liner but goes on your eyes like a liquid liner. It's also twistable. *Sorry about the useless photo :P
Bonus reviews:
Schwarzkopf's Thermo Defense Shine Therapy - This is a hair laminating spray I just recently used. It protects your hair from styling tools like hair dryers and irons. The best thing about it is its orange smell and shine miracle :P
Carmex - I was a Carmex addict before I found ChapStick's original flavor. Carmex stayed long but once it fades you get this ugly feeling on your lips. It feels like there's a plastic holding your lips, lol. And I've read a couple of bad reviews about its ingredients as well. So, despite the fact that I've shipped so many of this, I gave up Carmex.
On a a not-that-unrelated note, my sister gave me this make-up bag that looks really cute, just thought of sharing.

27 December 2010

Meet the photographers

Bee Tirona
Jia Tria Tirona
Dominick Paulino

So obviously, from the blog title and from my past blog posts, I've named these people as my photographers. So to thank them (lolz), I created a blog post crediting them for their undying passion of taking pictures of me. HAHAHA. THANKS, GUYS!

Photo credit: Bee Tirona

25 December 2010

CHRISTMAS EVE! (24 Dec '10)

What I wore on Christmas Eve's mass in Powerplant, Rockwell. Their fireworks display was the best display I've ever seen in my whole entire life :P THE HELLO KITTY FIREWORK WAS MY FAVORITE AND THEIR FINALE WAS BREATHTAKING :D

24 December 2010

9th day of Misa de Gallo (23 Dec '10)

I finished all 9 novena masses! Yyay! This is my first time completing Misa de Gallo and I feel so happy and holy :P Anyway, I didn't really use this outfit. I just feel like sharing and pretending I really used this. Whatever. Here you go :D

AGAIN, I did not wear this to my last Misa de Gallo. I just wished I wore this but I had to attend the mass in a real Church so this outfit wasn't allowed.

I was ugly, so I just hafta blur it :))

8th day of Misa de Gallo (22 Dec '10)

Today, I had to really rest 'cos of my cough and cold from yesterday's Tagaytay trip. Instead, I spent my free hours blogging about my Misa de Gallo chronicles. LOL. I missed blogging and I hafta practice my writing skills 'cos I will be making a thesis for my school about ethics :) Yyyyyyay! This thesis I'll be making will be really awesome 'cos I'll be making it with my best friends, Heidi & Jhoey! And we'll be accompanied by a research instructor from UST! How awesome is that?! Additional awesomeness is that if our thesis will be really good, it could be published WORLDWIDE. WHO'S YOUR DADDY NOW?! Just kidding.

I would also want to share my bogus yet interesting genetics projects. It involves fruit flies. We record the sex ratio of this certain breed of fruit flies we take care of in a bottle and we paste the offspring onto our notebooks. We'll be working with wild, white-eyed, and ebony. But this Christmas break, we've been working with wild fruit flies. Don't get disgusted 'cos it's really clean. I feed them with yeast and banana. And today, it's official, I'm totally done with wild! Good bye, annoying wild fruit flies! I hope I never see another of your breed for the rest of my life!

Misa de Gallo outfit:

The truth is, this is not what I really wore. I just loved this outfit so I wanted to replace it :P

7th day of Misa de Gallo (21 Dec '10)

Today, Nicky, Rich, and I went to Tagaytay!!! Hell yeah! I just realized now that this is my first road trip with just me and my friends. LOL. I'm that home-bodied and dependent. Well, it's not totally just me and my friends, we were with my driver. LOL! We all haven't gotten our driver's license due to different issues, haha!

In Tagaytay, we mostly stayed at Nicky's place. Tagaytay's Nicky's province so it's really cool to meet some of his family. We played billiards and we all sucked. But I'm fucking proud to say that I won all three games! HELL YEAH!!! I got fond of the billiard's chalk and did most of the waiting by applying billiard's chalk on my stick (I don't know what it's called!). *NICKY: I'm sorry if I almost finished your billiard's chalk!* Anyway, I was quite shy in playing 'cos two of Nicky's relatives were watching, and that the billiard's table's inside their house. I couldn't scream "fuck yeah" whenever I shoot a ball.

We even ziplined which was awesome! LOL. We didn't have pictures 'cos all of us ziplined and the photog who was in charge for the zipline pictures didn't take our photos. Boo-to-the-hoo!

Rich, Nicky, and I went home with great coughs and colds. LOL! It was really cold and awesome! LOL. Thanks to Meg-meg and Tita/Ate Chin (I don't know how to call her) for accompanying us!

No make-up + Commuting = Haggard face \m/


6th day of Misa de Gallo (20 Dec '10)

Just another rest day for me! And genetics project focal.

I got my Starbucks Wood Planner this day! Yyay! Even if Starbucks' planners keep getting ugly every year (just my opinion!), I still love purchasing it because of its benefits! Not only do I get pretty cool free planner from purchasing my favorite beverages (e.g. Toffeenut Latte/iced and Vanilla Frap or Green Tea Frap!), I also get to help the future of kids of SparkHope!

Misa de Gallo outfit:

5th day of Misa de Gallo (19 Dec '10)

It's the birthday of my awesome sister a.k.a. my photographer, Jia!

We had a birthday party for Jia plus a Christmas party with my crazy Ninangs! So my Ninangs are my 2nd mothers, or so they say. LOL. My Ninangs are my Mom's grade school Povedan friends which are still (obviously) friends until today. I really look up to their friendship. They make it to a point that they all see each other once or twice a year! They're so cute. Me and my sisters are even friends with their children as well!

My face doesn't look that white in person. I don't know how that happened. :\

Misa de Gallo outfit:

Sorry for blurring my face :P