24 December 2010

7th day of Misa de Gallo (21 Dec '10)

Today, Nicky, Rich, and I went to Tagaytay!!! Hell yeah! I just realized now that this is my first road trip with just me and my friends. LOL. I'm that home-bodied and dependent. Well, it's not totally just me and my friends, we were with my driver. LOL! We all haven't gotten our driver's license due to different issues, haha!

In Tagaytay, we mostly stayed at Nicky's place. Tagaytay's Nicky's province so it's really cool to meet some of his family. We played billiards and we all sucked. But I'm fucking proud to say that I won all three games! HELL YEAH!!! I got fond of the billiard's chalk and did most of the waiting by applying billiard's chalk on my stick (I don't know what it's called!). *NICKY: I'm sorry if I almost finished your billiard's chalk!* Anyway, I was quite shy in playing 'cos two of Nicky's relatives were watching, and that the billiard's table's inside their house. I couldn't scream "fuck yeah" whenever I shoot a ball.

We even ziplined which was awesome! LOL. We didn't have pictures 'cos all of us ziplined and the photog who was in charge for the zipline pictures didn't take our photos. Boo-to-the-hoo!

Rich, Nicky, and I went home with great coughs and colds. LOL! It was really cold and awesome! LOL. Thanks to Meg-meg and Tita/Ate Chin (I don't know how to call her) for accompanying us!

No make-up + Commuting = Haggard face \m/


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