24 December 2010

8th day of Misa de Gallo (22 Dec '10)

Today, I had to really rest 'cos of my cough and cold from yesterday's Tagaytay trip. Instead, I spent my free hours blogging about my Misa de Gallo chronicles. LOL. I missed blogging and I hafta practice my writing skills 'cos I will be making a thesis for my school about ethics :) Yyyyyyay! This thesis I'll be making will be really awesome 'cos I'll be making it with my best friends, Heidi & Jhoey! And we'll be accompanied by a research instructor from UST! How awesome is that?! Additional awesomeness is that if our thesis will be really good, it could be published WORLDWIDE. WHO'S YOUR DADDY NOW?! Just kidding.

I would also want to share my bogus yet interesting genetics projects. It involves fruit flies. We record the sex ratio of this certain breed of fruit flies we take care of in a bottle and we paste the offspring onto our notebooks. We'll be working with wild, white-eyed, and ebony. But this Christmas break, we've been working with wild fruit flies. Don't get disgusted 'cos it's really clean. I feed them with yeast and banana. And today, it's official, I'm totally done with wild! Good bye, annoying wild fruit flies! I hope I never see another of your breed for the rest of my life!

Misa de Gallo outfit:

The truth is, this is not what I really wore. I just loved this outfit so I wanted to replace it :P

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