24 December 2010

2nd day of Misa de Gallo (16 Dec '10)

I honestly forgot what I wore since this is only a recap and I wasn't able to get a picture of my outfit. So, I figured to just invent, hahaha. I'm really sorry. But I really wore this outfit during our maid's surprise birthday party. Well, we never actually treated our maid as a maid. I mean, this maid whom we celebrated her birthday. The rest of the maid, were treated the usual. Anyway, back to Yayay (the maid I was talking about), she's been with us since like forever. To be specific, she's been taking care of us since my mom was born. Imagine that. I actually treated her as my Lola (grandmother) since I grew up without a grandmother or grandfather. Since birth, I always run to her whenever my mom scolds at me and she often defends me from her, LOL. I also asks permission to her whenever I have to go out or what. Hee. She's so cute! And talk about that she's already 71 years in age! Oh and, her favorite color's pink! Haha! Just thought of sharing that. Oh and, here's a picture of her as well. She'll be furious when she hears I posted her picture in public. Mouahaha!

Isn't she so cute?!

And this is my made-up outfit.

Excuse the quality. Sarry.

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