19 July 2009

I love you, rainstorms

It’s been awhile since I last updated, as usual. It’s just that I’m kinda enjoying the rain drizzling everywhere that I enjoyed just sleeping, reading and relaxing on the couch or on the bunk. :D

So okay, this is the outfit I used when Jans, Ynns and I had a walk in Rockwell Powerplant last friday. Our classes were suspended ‘cos of the continuous rainfall, so we took the oppurtunity to see each other and that we planned to watch a movie. Unluckily, we ended ordering a drink from starbucks and eating our asses off McDonald’s. I even inadvertently spilled my Coke on her. Sarry Jans :D

Anyhow, our hang-out was utterly uncalled-for so my outfit was made from a 2secs exertion.

Kbye :D

06 July 2009

Mr. Boyfriend gay?! ONOZ! Kiddin, halavyou Nicky. LOL!

This was taken awhile ago. LOL. He attended mass twice, one was with his family and the other with me and my lil sis, Jia. Yesssssss, holy! :)))))))

I put make-up on him! LOL. And he did the same to me :)))))) HE LOOKS GAY! HE MADE ME LOOK DEADLY DEAD! LOLOLOL!!! I love him still :)))) He got kiss marked as well :P, it's his price for being my tool on my make-up practice. :D

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05 July 2009

No titles for now

Mr. Boyfriend and I attended a mass with my lil sis. And... this is what I wore.

It's been a while since I updated my account, sarry! :P

My eyes here's a little bit puffed 'cos I cried before this shoot. LOL. Too much laughing can really cause lots of crying :)))

So... bout this outfit, as you can see, I wore the skinner made pants :P I added some green stockings in the inside 'cos I'll be attending some kind of mass which I kinda have to look decent slash conservative :))

Kbye :P

04 July 2009


Nicky! Thanks for making ALL my notes. I know I'm too stubborn, as you say, sarry :P

One more thing, I have more notes to come. LOL. Kidding.

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02 July 2009

Transformers 2

Shane, Czaree and I watched Transformers 2 in gateway the other day and it was awesome. LOL. Megan Fox is the hottest. Anyhow, we skipped Pol Sci. LOL. Totally cool :)))))

The other set of photos are from awhile ago. LOL. So proves that we're vain. The fvck, by the end of the sem I'll be accumulating millions of photos with these two girls. Woot! :)) Oh and also, that's my place in BO102. LOL. Czaree and Shane invaded my space and scattered all my things. LOL. Oh and the paparazzi shots was taken by the ever-so-weird-girl from the block, Shane.

Tati's Birthday :D (Jans' sister)

Went to Jans' house 'cos I fvckin missed her and Ynns. Fortunately, her cousin, Rap's (Ynns' ka-thing back then) there. Ynns and he got to see each other after 3 years. LOL. Whatever.