31 August 2010

As promised, the FAQ!

In replacement of my http://formspring.me/shesraia

I'm sorry for letting you down, guys! :( I really want to keep my formspring running but it has become a big burden for me. It's really time consuming, disgusting at times (haters and manyaks), and some more private reasons. Haha! Though I won't be literally deleting it, I'll just not open it anymore.

Anyhow, here's the FAQ and my answers! I'll be updating this every now and then! I promise!

The Basics:

What is your nationality? I’m Korean… Kidding. I’m PURE FILIPINO.

How tall are you? How do you make yourself look tall in pictures? I’m 5’5.5. Try searching YouTube for photography tutorials or perhaps ask a photographer instead.

Why is your name Rafaelle Jeanna ‘Raia’ E. Tria Tirona? ‘Cos my mom want e. Kidding. My mom and her HS barkada from Poveda wanted/planned that their daughters should have a boy’s name. So, my mom named me ‘Rafaelle’ for that. About ‘Jeanna’, it’s originally pronounced as ‘ja-na’ like her name ‘Janah’, but then my mom changed its pronunciation to ‘jee-ya-na’ to give it a nicer twang. Concerning ‘Raia’, it’s not actually included in my birth cert, but everybody calls me by this since forever.

What’s your weight? 152N/88lbs/40kg

How long are your legs? 39.5in/100.33cm/3.23ft

What’s your waistline? 24in

On Serious Matter (career):

What course are you taking up? Is it related with fashion? I’m taking a course far from fashion—dentistry. Fashion is just my hobby, my stress-reliever, and sport.

Are you sure you’re not a model? I’m pretty sure about that. But I’m open for bookings ;D

Do you earn money from being a blogger? Nope, but I do get freebies! :”>

Are you planning to make fashion as a profession? IT IS already my profession ;) I’m open to styling other people and for sponsorships. Email me (rafaelle.jeanna@rocketmail.com) for more details about the pricing and such!

Do you dance and sing? NO.

How long have you been blogging? Well, I started blogging when I was in 1st year high, but then, after a year I decided to delete it 'cos it's full of nonsensical things already. I then built a Chictopia (http://chictopia.com/yayyraia) fashion blog last December 2008 but I first made a post when it was March 2009 already. LOL. I also created my own blog site (http://grayskirtgray.blogspot.com) last May 2009 that I fill with every fashion-related thought I'd have. Afterward, I created tumblr, DA, etc. LOL.


Do you have a boyfriend? How long have you been together? Yes, I have, and his name is Dominick Q. Paulino. We’ve been together since 13 June 2009.

At what age do you want to get married and with whom? I’m hoping that I’d marry before 30. And, I’d like o get married (without a doubt) with Nicky :)

What’s your love story with your current boyfriend?
I'll make this really, really short, okays?

We first had a real talk when he entered this singing contest and he was in the music room. My friend, Janine, also joined the contest. I was waiting for Jans to finish from one of the tiny rooms inside the music room when Nicky approached me. We talked and shared infos. Afterward, Nicky and I went outside the school together and that was it. LOL. this happened around the first month of our 4th year HS.

Our next encounter was our senior's prom already (Feb something) where we danced and shit. The next one was when we sat together inside the church. I believe it was a Friday mass around March. It was hot so we were fanning each other (with Rich) and we talked a bit. Subsequently, during the Kid's Praise (SPCM's event for kids), Nicky would be performing with Rich and we just talked and laughed and flirted at the backstage. LOL. Landi. =)) And lastly, he asked my number from Rich around March. After a week of texting, he asked me if he could court me and I said yes. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ambilis lang =)) =)) =)) I don't wanna waste that much time that time 'cos HS is ending fast and he planned to go to Canada on that year's August. So, yeah, we became girlfriends and boyfriends after the 3-month courtship :))

I tried my best to make it short. And this is the best I can :)

Who is your crush? Believe it or not, Nicky's my only crush. I can't believe it either; I usually have tons of crushes before I met him. But now seems different, it feels like he's an all-in-one guy for me. A crush, a boyfriend, & a husband :> He can still give me the kilig factor that crushes can only give, he can give me the affection and youthful joy that boyfriends give, & he can give me the great love and sacrifice you often see in a husband. I really feel so blessed. Hee!


Why do you have a blog? This is how I express my fashion-sense, this is why I don't get tired of dressing up because I know that I could share it to more people, this is where I could see the evolution of my style, & this is what I know I'm really good at (this has been my talent, my sport, my past-time, my joy, etc. for quite sometime already).

What do you think your closet lack? Belts, 'cos I lost a lot of belts this summer. Also, it's really hard to find a belt that would actually fit me. Some belts cannot be altered so I'm stuck with basic belts. I've been finding wrestling-ish sized belts but nothing seems to fit my very small waist.

What do you use for your picture editing? What touch ups do you use on your face using your editor? Adobe Photoshop CS3. I usually don't do touch-ups on my face anymore 'cos my camera has low megapixels that's why my flaws don't show. But whenever I become lucky to have people who have SLR

Where do you usually buy your clothes? Thrift stores :) The best place on Earth where you can get the most unique items! Haha. I don't usually buy my clothes; I usually ask clothes from people like my mum 'cos I don't have money :)) I also love raiding her old closet :))


What color is your current hair color? Where did you dye it? I THINK my hair color's light brown. And, this is my natural hair color already. I mean, I know it doesn't look like this before, but after I dyed my hair red 8 months ago; my hair grew like this already. My hair used to be dark brown, and now it's slightly lighter than how it used to be. Weird but awesome, no?

What make-up do you use? Specific brands please.
1. Pressed powder: In 2 it, oil control something
2. Concealer: Ever Bilena, studio finish
3. Cheek tint: Paint Box, prettywhenpinched
4. Lip Balm: Carmex, Strawberry/Cherry

Well, these are my regular make-up. I can't enumerate all of my make-up 'cos that would take me years to enumerate it here :))

What do you use for your underarms? How do you treat your underarm hair? I use Ammonium alum or popularly known here in the Philippines as tawas. If you live here in the Philippines you could buy tawas in Watsons. It costs 105Php and could last 6 months! Plus, it's a natural stone without added chemicals and has no scent at all :)

How do you treat unwanted body hairs (legs and underarms)? I shave it. I get same results when I use Veet creams. Besides, Veet creams are too dangerous! But I’m planning to treat it with laser when I get the money.


Could you add me on FB? I don't add strangers. I don't add people who I've never talked to. I don't add unlikely people. I don't add people with display names that have smileys, drawings, graphics, etc. I delete a friend who gets annoying. I'm sorry, but I want to keep my FB friends list & FB home neat. Kbyethanks :)

How did you get featured on candymag? They just sent me an email :)

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