31 October 2009

Have a Spooky Halloween everyone!

T'was fun, even if I hafta dance like a retard which was a social suicide.

The food was okay. It's a non-softdrink party. Poor you, Heids. The spam thingee I made wasn't even touched, LOL, that's the reason why I almost missed my English finals! Bitches!

Sadly, there were no decorations. Rrar, wonder what our grades might be. Anyhow, for those of you, guys, who are viewing this album who doesn't know anything about the event, here's the shit:

1. Our finals for our FI101 is of any kind of party. As you see, we chose Halloween party for an obvious reason.
2. We hafta make a program, invitations, guest list, etc. etc. It's sort of a formal halloween party shit.
4. The time alotted for our last FI101 meeting will be the span of our halloween party, which is about 1 hr and 30 mins.
5. We will be graded of how the party would turn out. It should be connected to communication thingee.

MCs: Nicole Macalintal and Dave Gatdula
Intermission numbers: Iranian dudes and poor me
Prayer: Heidi Timoteo
Photographer: Meloy Macainag XD

Oh and! So long DIA! I'll miss you :( Well, some of you, I mean :P

RAIA: Vampire (Pede ding manananggal)
HEIDI: Battered wife
MELOY: Who-knows-what girl
CAMILLE: Lola-in-black-cape bitch
JHOEY: Microscopic shit organelle
DAVE: Mad scientist

30 October 2009

2nd Sem; Pre-Dentistry

I wore this yesterday during my school's enrolment day, minus the scarf. I wasn't able to enroll 'cos few of my grades weren't released yet. I got super sad 'cos me and my friends were divided in half and were placed in two different sections T_T I hate it when your section isn't a block.

I'm nice, I'm nice, I'm nice...

Look, it's the photo of the shoes I bought which I hafta return the day after I bought it. The salesperson is so stoopid, he like gave me 2 left shoes and the other is a size 6 and the other's a 7. I'm 7 (if you must know :P). But he did apologize too much so I won't mention where I bought it. I'm fuckin' nice, I know. :P :P :P

One Shoe-d Freak

Darn it, I lost the partner of this shit. :( I only used it for like twice?

That was then! LOL. My sister found the other partner! She found it in her shoe closet. Anyhow, might as well joy over it.

Light Blue, Blue, Dark Blue

It's been a while since I last posted, I know, and it sucks. It's just that I've been pretty busy with school works and such, but hopefully, this sem-break, I'd be able to upload all 6 outfits pending on upload since the last time I've posted. I wish I could find those photos for me not to re-shoot D:

Anyhow, I wore this outfit yesterday during a family dinner at Greenbelt. I don't know why, but I love standing out in a crowd, the many people staring at you in fascination, and how I could walk super confidently like I'm a star or what wherever. XD Is it that weird? I mean, you'll really be stared at so much if you wear something like this here in the Phils. and you're this tall 'cos Filipinos aren't that tall, and the fact I wear high heeled shoes and they say I have long legs XD XD XD I'm not conceited, swear, just sharing. :P

Time Traveler's Wife

I just would want to share that I always wear nail polish on my toes with different colors on each foot (e.g. right foot red; left foot blue). Oh, and, I also don't like putting nail polish on my hands, LOL. Kbye!


I just love zebra print XD

Ggah, I didn’t know taking up dentistry course would be sssso hard. Damnit. LOL. Well, just wish me luck, folks! :D


You make me wanna Lose Control

Have I mentioned that I name all of my shoes? If not, then I tell you, I name all of my shoes. LOL. And this brown lace-up oxford’s name’s Sib. Well, I spontaneously name my shoes like how I describe my style (is a seriouos game of spontaneity), so the name Sib doesn’t really have a story or background.


Sour Glow Worms

The title’s irrelevant.

For the sake of posting. Here’s my mass outfit. Some of the pictures are blurred. LOL. Sarry!