22 May 2010

You want a perfect girl? Go buy yourself a Barbie!

Sorry about the haggard face. I was totally tired and all when my sister and I shot this. I've been selling halo-halo in front of our house since yesterday. I didn't know that it was this tiring! Not to mention that we have a machine ice crusher! Never been tired in my whole entire life! Plus, my body's at red alert sore! Must. Have. Body. Spa.

Spent the day with my favorite cousin in the whole wide world! I miss her already, it's been a while since we last seen each other and hang out. She owes me a Starbuck's drink and 423 Php! What a bitch! LOL =))

20 May 2010

Once you kill a cow, you gotta make a burger!

Had an amazing day with 2 of my best friends, Nicole Macalintal and Heidi Timoteo. Left my camera at home reason why we don't have pictures as proof. We were supposed to watch a movie but then the screening time didn't match our curfew. So, we just ate at Sbarro. Heidi ordered 2 large pizza slices, Nicole ordered spaghetti with meat balls plus a garlic bread & a slice of a huge pizza, and I ordered a stuffed pizza. Heidi was bragging that she's so hungry that she could really finish her food, but Nicole and I were right--she can't. Heidi was really forcing herself to eat everything because Nicole bought her food (outrageous!). Eventually, she gave up leaving a big piece of pizza. L-) I miss them! So as other bean boozzlers!

19 May 2010

I wanna be forever young!

Watched The Last Song. It was really nice. I also LOLed so much when I went outside the cinema 'cos the eyes of people were red and puffy =)) probably because of crying :))

Did a little more editing than the usual. I didn't airbrushed my face. I just edited the colors, blurred the edges and added a vignette.

Since when did guys become bitches? :|

Sorry for the haggard face. I came from body spa. They massaged my face too, reason why my make-up vanished a little.

This outfit is late on post, I'm sorry. I thought it got deleted too along with the rest of my files when my desktop got reformatted.

09 May 2010


Got a formspring for reasons I, myself, don't know. Don't disown me, please? http://formspring.me/shesraia