31 May 2009

Mr. Dirty Closet

A friend requested to see my closet. Well since I can't bring her here 'cos she's busy as ants I figured blogging it. Hey Codi, here's Mr. Dirty Closet, well that's what I named my closet. Told you, I got less clothes than what you think! Hah. And as I told you, too, my closet's filthy messy. Haha. Well our maid cleans it once a week, but I use Mr. Dirty Closet everyday, don't I? And my closet's been cleaned 2days ago since this photo was taken :)) Whut? I play dress-up everyday and it takes my whole closet to pull up an outfit. Heh. And since now that I'm everyday bored I get to pull up at least 2 outfits per day. Hah.

29 May 2009


Got a new hairstyle! Too straight? No? Well hopefully it gets its volume once I wet it oready. Just got rebonded awhile ago so I'll be washing my hair after 3 more days. Ew. :))

So... I'ma tell you guys what happened awhile ago while I'm being rebonded. The girl who's working on my hair thought I dyed my hair so she told me that she won't rebond it 'cos it'll damage my hair. I kept convincing her that my hair color's natural. She's a shit. Heh. Does my hair look like it has fake color? >:| Haha. Anyhow, she eventually believed me after minutes of conviction. Then after, while she was ironing my hair, it hurts. Heh. She's like ironing my scalp too! Well, she said that t'was normal so I hafta bear the pain. I actually ripped a lotta pages of the magazine I was reading 'cos it really hurts. And now, my scalp's numb, I even don't feel my hair. I feel like I got my hair cut to bald instead of rebonding it. I got pissed 'cos it really hurts and she didn't comply to what I told her on what way should my bangs be ironed so I just gave her a 50 for her tip. If she was careful and all she could've gotten 100 :))

Notice to Bee-zin & Jia-ter

I would like to say THANKSSSS to my cousin, Bee, for editing my photos which will be added on my Lookbook. She's my official, personal photo editor. :D Well Jia, my sister, took these shots for me so a greater THANKSSSSS to her. I love you guys

28 May 2009

Tweet tweet!

Guess what?! I'm finally updating my twitter again! After two months! :D FOLLOW ME! http://twitter.com/shesraia

27 May 2009

Sock some colors! :D

LOOKIE LOOKIE! I just love these colorful socks in my closet. HAHAHA! Sorry for some other socks photo if it's filthy. I used it already and thought of taking pictures of it before taking it to the laundry. :D And sorry if I'm being dugyot and such again :D :))


I dressed up this morning hoping I could get my braces fixed ‘cos my molar band is moving and all but unfortunately I wasn’t able to go to the dentist. Well first is because our driver’s on a day-off which I’m absolutely unaware of and second; is I can’t walk ‘cos it’s too hot outside, HAHAHA! And I think that’s too far and third; I don’t know how to get there. LOL.

And now, I’m still stuck here at home. But I think me and my mom will go grocery shopping later. Hah! Anything to get me out of this house! :))

26 May 2009


So today I had my first photo on lookbook. HAHAHAHA! I know it's so insignificant and all, but I have to blog something, don't i? Since I stayed at home doing nothing 'cos I'm sick and such, I can't go out of the house or just dress-up. And besides, our guest room's still occupied :D

25 May 2009

Fashion Survey

What are your favorite colors?
X Gray and yellow.

What is your fashion philosophy?
X It's a serious game of spontaniety :)

Describe your style:
X It's what I love.

Are you a trend starter or follower?
X Both. I'm open to new ideas and I want to start my own trend as well :]

What current trends do you like?
X Nothing specific, really.

What old trends do you think should come back?
X Uhh, maybe the trend where you could dress gowns anywhere :D

Do you like accesories?
X Definitely

What kind of shoes do you like?

Describe your dream outfit
X I can't, it's too perfect to describe. It cannot be described :)

Ever wanted to be a fashion designer?
X Not really :) I prefer to be the model. Runway mod only.

Do you like matchy matchy, or mix and match?
X Both

What is your biggest fashion problem?
X Nothing much. Well, maybe money :))

Do you think it's too expensive to be trendy?
X Not at all!

If you had a fashion budget of 1 million dollars, where would you shop, and why?
X NYC. Doi?

Who is your fashion guru?
X Me, myself & I

If you had to pick one designer to wear for the rest of your life, who would it be, and why?
X Marc Jacobs, like the? See his collection and you'll know why :]

Do you like high heels?
X Yep

Do you watch fashion shows?
X Yep

What is the most important piece in your wardrobe?
X Maybe the basics

The second most important?
X Uh shoes? Well, everything's important.

What one piece are you dying to add to your wardrobe?
X Shoes, and lots and lots and lots of shoes. It's not one, I know, but who cares?

What do you think is the most fashionable city in the world?
X I haven't travelled that far, so I can't say. To see is to believe, heh.

What is the most money you have spent on a pair of jeans?
X I dun know.

Do you shop online for clothes?
X Not yet. But I'm planning to. Well once my mom approves to it :D

If so, what stores?
X Whichever has a good buy.

Who is the trendiest person you know?
X Oh! That's hard! OMG I DON'T KNOW! O_O

Good or Bad Trends:
Leg Warmers?
So good

Bell Bottoms?

Jelly Shoes?


High-Wasted Pants?
So good

Cow Boy Hats?

Head Bands?

Gladiator Sandals?

Snake Jewelry?

Concert Tees?

Leopard Print?

24 May 2009


My sister and I were playing and dancing and all and she took this picture of me that I thought to be funny. Oh and sorry for my underarm, I haven't shaved for a week now (dugyot! shinare pa! Hahahaha!). :)) :D Oh and the song being played there's Right round by Flo Rida ft. Kesha. :D

So this is what I wore to church awhile ago :)

Oh and I had a confession too, that means I’m clean from within now :D Yay for me! :))

Well about this outfit:
I missed wearing my skinnys. It’s been awhile since I last wore jeans :D like a month already? And I really missed the feeling of fitted jeans hugging my legs and all :] It’s so comfortable and I feel sexy and such wearing it. Hahahaha!

Well as for my background, I know it’s awful. Our guestroom where I take most of my pictures is occupied, so no luck here :D Sarry! :)) Oh and this is my mom’s room :)) Really messy and all, but there’s bratz dolls at the left side of the photo which I kinda like :D I love bratz, though I don’t own one. :)) But next time I think I’ll be including a bratz doll with me in pictures :]

Anyhow, I want to learn how to do make-up and such. :)) ’Cos I only use lip balm on my face, which is kinda suckie ’cos I feel I lack colors on my face :D Watchu think, guys?

23 May 2009

Nicky! You're so vain! For real! :))

Hey Nicky!

Thanks for a wonderful day! :D Next time kasi bring your DSLR! I can't settle with my bogus camera :D

Raffy ;]

Music Playlist at MixPod.com


I want a DSLR camera so bad. :( Lookie my grainy and low quality pictures :( Hahaha! :D I'm using a Sony, cyber-shot, 7.2 megapixels, bogus camera so pardon my photo production. I'll really try earning money to buy that DSLR camera I want. :D Wish me luck! :D

BTW, Nicky! Thanks for a wonderful day :) Oh and bring your DSLR camera next time, will you? :)) Thanksssssss :P

22 May 2009

I can't stop saying thank you :D

To Rae Hewlett, thank you :D

Well this shot was taken a month ago already. But I still want to post it :D
Rae shot this for me :D Well, the whole
photo collection's found on my multiply.

Trip down memory lane :D


To our dearest & loveliest & kindest & most gorgeous loving Mrs. Sarmiento,

We admit, that we asked money to them but that's only P5.00. We are going to borrow money but then again we asked, "may P5.00 ka?" They immediately got the money from their pocket/wallet. So we felt good & thought that it's ok & there's nothing wrong about it. There is this instance pa nga po e that we ask money from a boy & he told us after that "kiss muna." Eniweiz, Back to the case, the girls who are telling that we asked money from them but didn't lend us one, is that we asked earlier & became disappointed & just move on to the table beside them, w/c who lend us money. We just did that because we left our money at home & we planned to commute. Promise, this was just the first time we did that, & we promise you to never do it again. Sorry for the children who was affected by our personal problems. Hehe. Haha. Thank you. Mwah. Tsup! =)

We love you!
Janine Soriano & Raia Tria Tirona
3rd year St. Benedict

This is the letter from two years ago (back when I was a 3rd year high school student of St. Paul College of Makati) that I retrieved from my 3rd year high school bag. :D Sheez, now I freakin' miss my best friend, Jans :D

We were doing practical jokes on grade school students. Unfortunately their teacher caught us and told the head-teacher-whoever that we were playing practical jokes on those kids. Then poof! Jans and I were being called by Mrs. Sarmiento (the head-teacher-whoever) to her office. :D And she got more angry when we were still laughing when we got there and then she told us to make an incident report or whatever. Then we made that letter above :D We were tripping with the letter too :D And when we passed that letter we were still laughing. ROFL!!!!! Heh. Funny as shit!!!

The grammar's a bit off and funny (I know) but that's intended. It's part of our trip to that fugly but kind Mrs. Sarmiento :D And our reason of "personal problem" isn't true too! :)) We were just fooling around. Hah. I can still remember the exact image of us in her office clearly on my mind with those medling kids beside us. It was hell-like funny! :D The kids who were there didn't give us money anyway. Gahh, I hate kids :))

Oh and BTW, that's Jans' hand writing.


I made the leather bracelets and Bee made the pants. :D

The whole story's on my blog :D

Enjoy. Kbye! :D

Pretty - My word of the day

My first college classes starts on 15 May and I'm pretty excited about everything. But there's one thing I hate about college (well my college, I mean) and it's because we have school uniforms. It sucks. Especially that our uniform is plain white, from our blouse to our skirt. But I think I could make it work, somehow :D

I'll be taking Dentistry in University of the East :D And I pretty feel weird 'cos I don't feel even a slight of nervousness in me. 'Cos I'm a person who's pretty much nervous and all with everything I do for the first time :D

Well, I'm halfway done with all the shopping for my college. and I'm pretty happy with the shoes I got. :D

So, these are my school shoes:
This first pair is cute :D But I don't wanna look cute on college, don't I? Maybe I'll just wear them if I wanna feel comfortable and all. Or if I feel like I wanna be cute and such :))

Now, this is what I call the perfect college shoes :D :P :)) Pretty right? :D

21 May 2009

How I wish...

How i wish I'd have Jane Aldridge's closet :D

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

This is the summary of my chicblog outfits as of now. See my chic blog if you're interested and all. :D

You can also just click the photo to see my chicblog.