31 May 2009

Mr. Dirty Closet

A friend requested to see my closet. Well since I can't bring her here 'cos she's busy as ants I figured blogging it. Hey Codi, here's Mr. Dirty Closet, well that's what I named my closet. Told you, I got less clothes than what you think! Hah. And as I told you, too, my closet's filthy messy. Haha. Well our maid cleans it once a week, but I use Mr. Dirty Closet everyday, don't I? And my closet's been cleaned 2days ago since this photo was taken :)) Whut? I play dress-up everyday and it takes my whole closet to pull up an outfit. Heh. And since now that I'm everyday bored I get to pull up at least 2 outfits per day. Hah.

1 comment:

Skinner said...

I'd have that kind of closet, too, if only had one for myself. Pretty sure the mother would get pissed if she sees what a mess I'ma make