24 May 2009


My sister and I were playing and dancing and all and she took this picture of me that I thought to be funny. Oh and sorry for my underarm, I haven't shaved for a week now (dugyot! shinare pa! Hahahaha!). :)) :D Oh and the song being played there's Right round by Flo Rida ft. Kesha. :D

So this is what I wore to church awhile ago :)

Oh and I had a confession too, that means I’m clean from within now :D Yay for me! :))

Well about this outfit:
I missed wearing my skinnys. It’s been awhile since I last wore jeans :D like a month already? And I really missed the feeling of fitted jeans hugging my legs and all :] It’s so comfortable and I feel sexy and such wearing it. Hahahaha!

Well as for my background, I know it’s awful. Our guestroom where I take most of my pictures is occupied, so no luck here :D Sarry! :)) Oh and this is my mom’s room :)) Really messy and all, but there’s bratz dolls at the left side of the photo which I kinda like :D I love bratz, though I don’t own one. :)) But next time I think I’ll be including a bratz doll with me in pictures :]

Anyhow, I want to learn how to do make-up and such. :)) ’Cos I only use lip balm on my face, which is kinda suckie ’cos I feel I lack colors on my face :D Watchu think, guys?

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