20 May 2009

Raia & Bee; Bee & Raia

Well, since Bee is trying to kill me through second hand smoke exposure, I'll be posting her ugly photos! Heh. :P

Anyhow, Bee and I went to greenhills to buy her a new black Wayfarer 'cos Miko (her lil bro and my lil cousin) broke her Wayfarer. But we weren't able to take pictures of us in GH 'cos I stoopidly forgot my camera at home. I was late too! :)) Sarry cuz! Well supposedly, I’ll be fetching her 1-ish or whenever lunch’s done but I woke up 1-ish ‘cos I slept late already, like 6 in the morning ‘cos I was talking on the phone all night (till the morning) with Jans and early that night with both Jans and Ynns (3 way :D).

Then after, we bought drinks at starbucks and that's when she started exposing me to second-hand smoke :))

After we got home (here), I got thrilled and such, 'cos I'd get to take pictures already. Yay! :)) She said she'll take pictures of me, instead, I took mostly of her pictures and pictures of me as well.

She then exposed me to that second-hand smoke, again. Jeez, she's really trying to kill me :D Then we saw this dump truck near our house picking well dumps of course and they've been staying there for quite a long time that we could smell its stink already so we decided to head down our living room and bore ourselves there. But we did talk about life. HAHAHAHAHA!

Oh, I almost forgot, I got new humongous zit on the bridge of my nose. Sheez man!

I don't have a blog so pardon me for the long description.


RAE © HEWLETT said...

PRIMARY PRIMARY! so gossip girl. I love it :)

RAIA Tria Tirona said...

Request granted! :D

RAE © HEWLETT said...

yaaaaaaaay :D

RAIA Tria Tirona said...

Well now I have blog so go see it :D HERE! :D