22 May 2009

Pretty - My word of the day

My first college classes starts on 15 May and I'm pretty excited about everything. But there's one thing I hate about college (well my college, I mean) and it's because we have school uniforms. It sucks. Especially that our uniform is plain white, from our blouse to our skirt. But I think I could make it work, somehow :D

I'll be taking Dentistry in University of the East :D And I pretty feel weird 'cos I don't feel even a slight of nervousness in me. 'Cos I'm a person who's pretty much nervous and all with everything I do for the first time :D

Well, I'm halfway done with all the shopping for my college. and I'm pretty happy with the shoes I got. :D

So, these are my school shoes:
This first pair is cute :D But I don't wanna look cute on college, don't I? Maybe I'll just wear them if I wanna feel comfortable and all. Or if I feel like I wanna be cute and such :))

Now, this is what I call the perfect college shoes :D :P :)) Pretty right? :D


pollyplush said...

Hey, I think I should have credit here because I was the one who told you about the second pair of shoes for you to wear in school. HAHA No I'm not kidding :l

RAIA said...

Well, that should've been my shoes, really. But I told my mom that I might use it on my 2nd sem since it's still too big for my foot. But oh well. But I'ma put an acknowledgment for you anyway :))


Skinner said...

You'll be the chicest student in your class, fo sho.