22 May 2009

Trip down memory lane :D


To our dearest & loveliest & kindest & most gorgeous loving Mrs. Sarmiento,

We admit, that we asked money to them but that's only P5.00. We are going to borrow money but then again we asked, "may P5.00 ka?" They immediately got the money from their pocket/wallet. So we felt good & thought that it's ok & there's nothing wrong about it. There is this instance pa nga po e that we ask money from a boy & he told us after that "kiss muna." Eniweiz, Back to the case, the girls who are telling that we asked money from them but didn't lend us one, is that we asked earlier & became disappointed & just move on to the table beside them, w/c who lend us money. We just did that because we left our money at home & we planned to commute. Promise, this was just the first time we did that, & we promise you to never do it again. Sorry for the children who was affected by our personal problems. Hehe. Haha. Thank you. Mwah. Tsup! =)

We love you!
Janine Soriano & Raia Tria Tirona
3rd year St. Benedict

This is the letter from two years ago (back when I was a 3rd year high school student of St. Paul College of Makati) that I retrieved from my 3rd year high school bag. :D Sheez, now I freakin' miss my best friend, Jans :D

We were doing practical jokes on grade school students. Unfortunately their teacher caught us and told the head-teacher-whoever that we were playing practical jokes on those kids. Then poof! Jans and I were being called by Mrs. Sarmiento (the head-teacher-whoever) to her office. :D And she got more angry when we were still laughing when we got there and then she told us to make an incident report or whatever. Then we made that letter above :D We were tripping with the letter too :D And when we passed that letter we were still laughing. ROFL!!!!! Heh. Funny as shit!!!

The grammar's a bit off and funny (I know) but that's intended. It's part of our trip to that fugly but kind Mrs. Sarmiento :D And our reason of "personal problem" isn't true too! :)) We were just fooling around. Hah. I can still remember the exact image of us in her office clearly on my mind with those medling kids beside us. It was hell-like funny! :D The kids who were there didn't give us money anyway. Gahh, I hate kids :))

Oh and BTW, that's Jans' hand writing.

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