30 June 2009


We're practically bored most of the time 'cos all of our prof's bogus. LOL. So... we showed how vain we are :))

28 June 2009

Happy Sunday :D

Nicky attended mass with me awhile ago. Thanks! LOL, my family's not here so I'm all alone :( LOL. He kept me company this weekend. So thank you :) Much love! :D

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27 June 09

Supposedly Nicky and I are going Ice Skating in Megamall, but unfortunately he's late and it sucked. LOL. Hah. Anyhow, we stayed at home and whatever.

27 June 2009

Slothy dresser

An outfit I wore for only like an hour. LOL. Nicky and I went to Megamall to buy few school thangs. Then after, we went home immediately. LOL.

So okay, it's been a while since I last updated. Well, it's because I've been really busy lately. I mean, I'm not that busy like because of school works and such, but I'm trying to get used to this new college thing. I'm studying on how to balance my schedule. Like I placed my 50% on studying (I wish, lol), 10% for my self interest things (like shopping, pampering myself, etc.), 10% internet (which includes updating my blogs, FB, Multi, Chictopia, Lookbook, etc), 10% gimmicks with my old friends, 10% gimmicks with my new friends (lol, it seems that they've been making a lot of scheduled gimmicks oready :)) ), 10% for Mr. Boyfriend, and 10% for the family.

LOL, I really am trying so hard to study, but no luck there. It's like when I was in highschool there's no one instance that I studied at home. Gahh! And for the past few days that I've been attending my classes I never sorta opened a single book nor a notebook for a quiz. Stupid study habits.

Well I hafta go 'cos I hafta copy notes since I didn't took down notes in chemistry. Life's a bitch and we hafta deal with it. Bogus. LOOOOL :))

19 June 2009

5 days, 5 outfits, 5 photo shoots

My mom brought me to hell and I didn't expect that it'd be fun. Well, it was fun 'cos Jia (my darling lil sister) and I had this shoot. She doesn't have photos and such 'cos she prefers to photograph than photographed. Anyhow, The first day photos are the first photos shown and respectively. BTW, the first outfit's my birthday outift. Oh and I had that first-day-first-shoot on my birthday :D

PS: Thanks Jia Tria Tirona! :>
PPS: The last outfit's kind of repeated somehow, heh. My mom told me that we'll only be staying for 4days, then again she extended it to 5days and just sent our clothes to laundry, so I hafta repeat some of my clothes. LOL. Loser mode.
PPPS: Sarry if the photo qaulity's not good, well actually, bad. Our camera's broken on some where. I WANT A DSLR CAMERA :| :))
PPPPS: The collection's proper arrangement, good shots and such are posted here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=84024&id=691258235&l=943a0a097b

17 June 2009

Tiny little small woman

Only problem here is my hat's camouflaging on my hair. So my french vintage hat's vague. Not so thank you to my not so trustee camera. LLOLL.

13 June 2009

Back to school fashion item: a DIY project|trapper keeper

I know that you've been hearing a lot about my trapper keeper from me myself. LOL. So, here's a blog about it. Furthermore, a lot ask what a trapper keeper is and it's really hard explaining what it is. Truly, when my mom told me that she bought (I'm not sure whether Nints or Mami bought it. Either both, thanks) this trapper keeper for me when she was in the States and tried describing it to me, I couldn't get it either. When my mom came back and gave it to me, at first, I couldn't quite appreciate it, 'cos it was too big that it occupied half of my school tote bag and it was plain boring. Thus, I pimped it through pasting pictures on the cover, front & back pockets and the dividers. I then inserted the notebook which Nints also sent. The notebook has three holes at the sides indicating that it can be binded on the trapper keeper, too. I found the notebook's cover-print quite pretty and that it fits the fashion-magazine theme for my trapper keeper. Viola! I got my self a favorite school item. :D

I have blogged the cover itself before, but I haven't showed you guys the look when it's placed on the trapper keeper oready. Sooooo... there you go!

The left side, as you can see, is the front pocket and at the right side is the 1 of 2 notebooks sent by Nints (thank you :}). I couldn't place more than one notebook 'cos this one's too heavy oready. Oh and told you t'was huge! :}

First divider photo

Second divider photo. Louis Vuitton! <3>Third divider photo

Fourth divider photo. Do you think that these photos are copyrighted that it sues people? I might get sued for using it as my binder design. LOL.

Fifth divider photo

Back pocket. I need one more divider 'cos I got 8 subjects and I only obtained seven spaces for seven subjects. :[


This was the second shoot I had with my sister. Apparantly, this is similar, well truly, the same as my Jeepney post. Nonetheless, I used black shorts here. Oh and essentially, those shorts are high-waist shorts, I just didn't style it like that and I forgot why. LOL.

This was actually the time when my mom dragged me to Pangasinan, Philippines for her new business opening. She said that we'll be staying for only 4days, so I packed a 4day outfits. When our 4th day arrived, my mom told me that we'll be extending a 1 day more. She said that she'll just send our clothes to the laundry so that we could have something clean to wear. Soooo... there. LOL. I wouldn't be posting these if it weren't for the fact that this was included in my 5days-5outfits-5photoshoots last-summer-break-days activity. HAH!

Drag me to hell

Today, Nicky and I watched this 'Drag me to Hell' movie which he said scared him or such. And apparently, he watched this movie yesterday oready, with his friends. He told me that it scared him and all. Nevertheless, I would love to see him yank and such. He said that if I were to watch that movie, I'd be screaming my heads off (something like that? LOL).

School schmool

Lookie my schedule! :D Ain't it cool, no? Well honestly, I don't like it. LOL. I mean I want it to be a lil similar to Jans' sched so we could hang out often since we'll be studying at the same school, only in different courses (Jans is Accountancy and I'm Dentistry). I miss you Jans! :[

12 June 2009

Trapper Keeper

I can't help sharing my trapper keeper cover :D I'll soon show you my whole trapper keeper. It's so cool :D

Belated Happy Birthday to Raia :))

Well this photo was taken during my birthday, last 06 Jun. We were in Pangasinan, Philippines then. We got bored and decided to photo shoot. Well it turned out that we had 5days there to get ourselves bored and so we did a 5day photo shoot. Well the rest of the photos are found in either my http://raiasunnysideup.multiply.com or my facebook account. I'll also be posting the 3 more photos here on lookbook on succeeding days.

Oh and BTW, thanks to all the people who greeted me especially the following people:
PS if your names aren't here, sarry! I forgot. LOL. Thanks though

11 June 2009

Jeepney (only in the Phils :)) )

A random photo, shot by Jia Tria Tirona. While waiting for our burgers to cook.

I wanted to change a lot of my account usernames, namely: Chictopia (from 'yayyraia' to 'shesraia'), Multiply (from 'raiasunnysideup' to 'shesraia') and of course my blog (from 'raia.sunnysideup@yahoo.com' to 'shesraia'). These accounts are really killing me and such. 'Cos they sound stupid especially the blog username, I placed my email in the username box, stupid me. Or was it my cousin who made this. Gahh! Screw the sites where they don't allow changes in usernames D:

I missed blogging. Woot. I'm back!

While I was bored and such back in Pangasinan, Philippines I missed quite few people. So here's for ye guys I miss :)

05 June 2009

Hey Dominick Q. Paulino

Thanks! This is such a wonderful birthday gift :] HALAVEET! :]

04 June 2009


Okay, so me, my cousin and my sister had this photo shoot 3days ago. We took pictures in the garden of our house. T'was really fun! I mean, really, really fun. It's just really hard walking on those 4inch heels. I mean, it could be easy if there's a strap around the ankle and such, but it's a plain step-in heels. Well, good thing it's comfortable and all 'cos the inside part's soft and all. It's a Dr. Scholl's shoes, well that figures, right?

About the make-up, Bee made the left eye part of my make-up which I copied to my other eye 'cos I wanna learn. Heh. I don't know how to use eyeliner and other eye make-ups, except for the mascara. Um, well, I also don't know how to use blush-ons which is powder based, so I use cheek tints and such. And in this shoot, I did the rest of the make-up on my face (like the lashes, cheeks and lips). I borrowed my cousin's mascara since my mascara's all dried up, prolly expired, too. But apparently, it's still with me, hah. Anyhow, that night, I was trying really hard to removed the make-up on my lashes but I can't. WTF? I think I pretty much used everything to get rid of that mascara, from cotton buds to eye make-up remover. Then after, my cousin told me that it'll be removed after a week. WTF, right? So apparently, I'll be waiting for 4 more days to get this eye make-up off my face. LOL.

So... That's about it, I think?

Kbye! :D