27 June 2009

Slothy dresser

An outfit I wore for only like an hour. LOL. Nicky and I went to Megamall to buy few school thangs. Then after, we went home immediately. LOL.

So okay, it's been a while since I last updated. Well, it's because I've been really busy lately. I mean, I'm not that busy like because of school works and such, but I'm trying to get used to this new college thing. I'm studying on how to balance my schedule. Like I placed my 50% on studying (I wish, lol), 10% for my self interest things (like shopping, pampering myself, etc.), 10% internet (which includes updating my blogs, FB, Multi, Chictopia, Lookbook, etc), 10% gimmicks with my old friends, 10% gimmicks with my new friends (lol, it seems that they've been making a lot of scheduled gimmicks oready :)) ), 10% for Mr. Boyfriend, and 10% for the family.

LOL, I really am trying so hard to study, but no luck there. It's like when I was in highschool there's no one instance that I studied at home. Gahh! And for the past few days that I've been attending my classes I never sorta opened a single book nor a notebook for a quiz. Stupid study habits.

Well I hafta go 'cos I hafta copy notes since I didn't took down notes in chemistry. Life's a bitch and we hafta deal with it. Bogus. LOOOOL :))

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