13 June 2009

Back to school fashion item: a DIY project|trapper keeper

I know that you've been hearing a lot about my trapper keeper from me myself. LOL. So, here's a blog about it. Furthermore, a lot ask what a trapper keeper is and it's really hard explaining what it is. Truly, when my mom told me that she bought (I'm not sure whether Nints or Mami bought it. Either both, thanks) this trapper keeper for me when she was in the States and tried describing it to me, I couldn't get it either. When my mom came back and gave it to me, at first, I couldn't quite appreciate it, 'cos it was too big that it occupied half of my school tote bag and it was plain boring. Thus, I pimped it through pasting pictures on the cover, front & back pockets and the dividers. I then inserted the notebook which Nints also sent. The notebook has three holes at the sides indicating that it can be binded on the trapper keeper, too. I found the notebook's cover-print quite pretty and that it fits the fashion-magazine theme for my trapper keeper. Viola! I got my self a favorite school item. :D

I have blogged the cover itself before, but I haven't showed you guys the look when it's placed on the trapper keeper oready. Sooooo... there you go!

The left side, as you can see, is the front pocket and at the right side is the 1 of 2 notebooks sent by Nints (thank you :}). I couldn't place more than one notebook 'cos this one's too heavy oready. Oh and told you t'was huge! :}

First divider photo

Second divider photo. Louis Vuitton! <3>Third divider photo

Fourth divider photo. Do you think that these photos are copyrighted that it sues people? I might get sued for using it as my binder design. LOL.

Fifth divider photo

Back pocket. I need one more divider 'cos I got 8 subjects and I only obtained seven spaces for seven subjects. :[


Skinner said...

You won't get sued; it's intended for private use, anyway.

Trish said...

Love all the editorials that you picked! :D

RAIA said...

Bee: Yay me! :D
Trish: Halaveet too! :D

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