04 June 2009


Okay, so me, my cousin and my sister had this photo shoot 3days ago. We took pictures in the garden of our house. T'was really fun! I mean, really, really fun. It's just really hard walking on those 4inch heels. I mean, it could be easy if there's a strap around the ankle and such, but it's a plain step-in heels. Well, good thing it's comfortable and all 'cos the inside part's soft and all. It's a Dr. Scholl's shoes, well that figures, right?

About the make-up, Bee made the left eye part of my make-up which I copied to my other eye 'cos I wanna learn. Heh. I don't know how to use eyeliner and other eye make-ups, except for the mascara. Um, well, I also don't know how to use blush-ons which is powder based, so I use cheek tints and such. And in this shoot, I did the rest of the make-up on my face (like the lashes, cheeks and lips). I borrowed my cousin's mascara since my mascara's all dried up, prolly expired, too. But apparently, it's still with me, hah. Anyhow, that night, I was trying really hard to removed the make-up on my lashes but I can't. WTF? I think I pretty much used everything to get rid of that mascara, from cotton buds to eye make-up remover. Then after, my cousin told me that it'll be removed after a week. WTF, right? So apparently, I'll be waiting for 4 more days to get this eye make-up off my face. LOL.

So... That's about it, I think?

Kbye! :D

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