13 June 2009


This was the second shoot I had with my sister. Apparantly, this is similar, well truly, the same as my Jeepney post. Nonetheless, I used black shorts here. Oh and essentially, those shorts are high-waist shorts, I just didn't style it like that and I forgot why. LOL.

This was actually the time when my mom dragged me to Pangasinan, Philippines for her new business opening. She said that we'll be staying for only 4days, so I packed a 4day outfits. When our 4th day arrived, my mom told me that we'll be extending a 1 day more. She said that she'll just send our clothes to the laundry so that we could have something clean to wear. Soooo... there. LOL. I wouldn't be posting these if it weren't for the fact that this was included in my 5days-5outfits-5photoshoots last-summer-break-days activity. HAH!

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