19 June 2009

5 days, 5 outfits, 5 photo shoots

My mom brought me to hell and I didn't expect that it'd be fun. Well, it was fun 'cos Jia (my darling lil sister) and I had this shoot. She doesn't have photos and such 'cos she prefers to photograph than photographed. Anyhow, The first day photos are the first photos shown and respectively. BTW, the first outfit's my birthday outift. Oh and I had that first-day-first-shoot on my birthday :D

PS: Thanks Jia Tria Tirona! :>
PPS: The last outfit's kind of repeated somehow, heh. My mom told me that we'll only be staying for 4days, then again she extended it to 5days and just sent our clothes to laundry, so I hafta repeat some of my clothes. LOL. Loser mode.
PPPS: Sarry if the photo qaulity's not good, well actually, bad. Our camera's broken on some where. I WANT A DSLR CAMERA :| :))
PPPPS: The collection's proper arrangement, good shots and such are posted here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=84024&id=691258235&l=943a0a097b