19 November 2010

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On an unrelated note, I've been receiving questions if this FB account named "Raia Evangelista" really is me. This is not me. ATTENTION TO ANYONE WHO'S BEEN ADDED BY 'RAIA EVANGELISTA', DO NOT ADD HER OR WHATSOEVER, SHE IS AN IDENTITY THIEF. PLEASE HELP ME REPORT THIS USER. THANK YOU.

I would really appreciate your help in reporting the user. Thank you.

P.S. Thank you, Jhoana Torres, for lending me your FB account to get a view of 'Raia Evangelista'.

Dear Identity Thief,

This account is really flattering and all, but please do not take credit that you are who this account is. Because Raia Evangelista is not you, it's is me. I might be responsible for all the things you say here. And I can't afford that. You may create a fan page (kapal e noh, haha) of me considering that you take credit that it is a fan-made page/account. Just please do not use my identity in any works you do. Thank you very much, I'd really appreciate you deleting this account.

Yours truly,
Raia Tria Tirona of GraySkirtGray

09 November 2010


So, I wasn't able to blog this sembreak because I was totally busy catching up with my social life 'cos it got killed by my last sem! I got totally busy with getting my college scholarship. Nevertheless, I'm still updating you, guys, about my awesome sembreak! Everything's so perfect.

23-24 Oct '10
It's been really long since I last updated with my best friends, as well. Yes, I've been an MIA to everyone because of school. Well, dentistry's a really tough course I must say. Anyway, back to the photos...
1st part: We campaigned for Janine's aunt, Tita Glay. Ynna and I were lucky enough to join Janine promote her. We went to the slums area holding tarps of her and screaming her name for people to vote for "change". It was a bittersweet experience since Ynna and I wasn't prepared for all these, 'cos we were just informed when we arrived at Janine's house. My outfit wasn't really for the atmosphere around the slums since the floor was, well, quite the opposite of flattering and my shoes weren't prepared for that. But despite the inappropriateness of my outfit, that was really, really, really fun! Ynna and I even got to dance (or sway :P) beside Janine singing on stage during the meeting the avance.
2nd part: The three of us, me, Janine, and Ynna, stayed and just chilled at Janine's aunt's condominium. We told stories for catching-up's sake and we cooked and ate random goodies. T'was really fun and touching!
3rd part: The following day, we went to Glorietta and Greenbelt to, as usual, chill. It was much more than fun 'cos we approached strangers and... socialized :) Nothing really beats these two person, I love them to bits!

27 Oct '10
Most of the time during my sembreak was spent with my love. So, you, guys, should blame him for my MIA-ness. :P Anyhow, Nicky got operated in his right hand because he had a cyst accumulated from holding cats! Disgusting. LOL. Just thought of sharing that. Back to the story...
1st part: I went to Nicky's house to meet him 'cos I'll be accompanying him with his weekly novena mass.
2nd part: We went to Powerplant mall, Rockwell to chill and bought some food to eat.

28 Oct '10
Had a blast eating Pizza Cones while me, my mom, and my sister waited for the afternoon novena mass to end in the National Shrine of St. Jude Thaddeus. The novena mass we attended was incredible, the Philippines' cardinals and bishops are present 'cos it was the feast of St. Jude. We were really lucky to be able to find a place where the catholic officials walked. We were able to snatch their hands to ask for a bless. There was also a 5min fireworks display to celebrate St. Jude's feast. Yes, I'm that religious. I've attended mass thrice that week. Hehe.

 29 Oct '10
1st part: Nicky and I got our sisters' report cards from St. Paul and we got to bump into few good friends from high school. Calling the attention of Rich, Kevin, and Ema! I miss you, guys!
2nd part: We went to Greenhills to eat dinner and buy Nicky a new phone. We were able to buy him a pretty cool phone, but sadly, right after he went home, he sold it to her sister. Weirdo! LOL.
3rd part: Later that night, I learned that I was able to get college scholarship! Hell yeah!

31 Oct - 01 Nov '10
My family decided to spend an entire 1 1/2 day with my deceased grandmother in Manila Memorial Park. We set up tents, generator, candles, etc. I didn't had total fun 'cos I got my first day of period that day and the comfort room's a total disgust. What do you expect? LOL. I even got backache from my menstrual period that's why I wasn't able to take a nap. I played PSP and talked to Nicky on the phone instead. When I got bored with PSP, I walked under the dark night and rainy weather trying to entertain myself from scaring myself that I might get lost. I tried looking for Rico Yan, and Ninoy & Cory Aquino's grave... but then I failed. I couldn't see a thing 'cos it was hella dark, all I could see was my path because of my tiny flashlight.

03 Nov '10
1st part: Went to UE with Nicky to enroll and met up with my dear friends, Heidi & Jhoey. I was able to see the awesome Rizh Evaristo once again! Hello, Rizh! :))
2nd part: Before paying to the cashier since the line was cut right before we lined up 'cos it was their lunch break, we took the opportunity to drown ourselves from food. We ate at Pizza Hut! Thanks, Nicky for the treat, again :)) I'm becoming more and more dependent with Nicky :))
3rd part: Nicky and I went to Robinson's Pioneer to convert his printer into unlimited ink system. We then bought stuff from CD-R king for his computer. Then, I was able to buy this really awesome tripod as cheap as 250Php! It's a small tripod but it could carry up to 500g camera!

05 Nov '10
1st part: Janine, Ynna, and I chilled at Ynna's crib and talked almost about everything.
2nd part: The three of us decided to walk to Powerplant, Rockwell to eat lunch at KFC.
3rd part: Stayed a little longer in Fully Booked just sharing to each other books we wanna read and all. Window shopped across make-up stores and shoe stores. Nicky followed to Rockwell to see me.
4th part: walked back to Ynna's house under the pouring rain. Janine and Ynna didn't have umbrella so they showered under the open sky. Nicky tried to cover the both of us in his tiny umbrella, but eventually, I still got pretty wet. It was still fun :)
5th part: Back to Ynna's room, we all talked about MAKING MONEY. We gonna be rich!
6th part: Nicky went home with me and we slept on the couch. LOL. And then, he went home. The end. Kidding.

06 Nov '10
 It was hella photo-shoot day that's why I curled my hair into awesome :))
1st part: Nicky and I had this shoot about white t-shirts which I'm about to make into business. The shirts we were wearing was my recent birthday gift for him. And it gave me an idea to make money out of it. I hope you guys would watch out of this! Anyway, I had a blog post about this here.
2nd part: Nicky and I attended the Sunday mass, I know that, that was a Saturday, but we usually attend Sunday masses during Saturday so that it wouldn't be a hassle for us since the day after Sunday's Monday, meaning school :| We then met up with Cuz since we go to the same church. Nicky and I thought of confessing since the confession box was open and there was no line. The priest gave me a list of sins and I was shocked with some of the sins there, I really didn't know that it was even a sin.
3rd part: Cuz, Nicky, & I ate at McDonald's for dinner in Boni, Mandaluyong.
4th part: Cuz and I had an amazingly disturbing photo-shoot that night! It was so much fun to work with Cuz! She's such a great photographer! And I love and miss her! I also wish her all the best in life ;) Click here for more details about this awesome shoot!

White Lady by Bee Tirona

Sembreak finale.

 The wacky shots...


I'm not sacrilegious! In fact, I'm the opposite of it :)