19 November 2010

Shop GraySkirtGray now OPEN!

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On an unrelated note, I've been receiving questions if this FB account named "Raia Evangelista" really is me. This is not me. ATTENTION TO ANYONE WHO'S BEEN ADDED BY 'RAIA EVANGELISTA', DO NOT ADD HER OR WHATSOEVER, SHE IS AN IDENTITY THIEF. PLEASE HELP ME REPORT THIS USER. THANK YOU.

I would really appreciate your help in reporting the user. Thank you.

P.S. Thank you, Jhoana Torres, for lending me your FB account to get a view of 'Raia Evangelista'.

Dear Identity Thief,

This account is really flattering and all, but please do not take credit that you are who this account is. Because Raia Evangelista is not you, it's is me. I might be responsible for all the things you say here. And I can't afford that. You may create a fan page (kapal e noh, haha) of me considering that you take credit that it is a fan-made page/account. Just please do not use my identity in any works you do. Thank you very much, I'd really appreciate you deleting this account.

Yours truly,
Raia Tria Tirona of GraySkirtGray

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