24 December 2010

1st day of Misa de Gallo (15 Dec '10)

So, it's really late to post this... but, like what I've been saying all the time, "better late than never, right?" Haha.

Anyway, traditionally, Christmas Day in the Philippines is ushered in by the nine-day dawn masses that start on December 16. Known as the Misa de Gallo ("Rooster's Mass") in Spanish and in Filipino as Simbang Gabi, or "Night Mass", this novena of Masses is the most important Filipino Christmas tradition. (Wikipedia)

I started 15 Dec '10 'cos I was taking the night's time of Misa de Gallo rather than the early morning's time.

Even if a lot (well not a lot, actually. I just would like to use the world "lot") of people have criticized the way I dress because they say that it's really not appropriate here in the Philippines. In my head, I just say, "WTF? I don't care, this is my style, get your own, bitch!" But of course, in reality, I just say, "I can't really help it, it's my passion." Fashion is also the reason why want to go to mass in malls, 'cos there are no dress codes. And it would be so much fun to share my 9-day Misa de Gallo outfits :D

P.S. I usually attend Misa de Gallo in Powerplant, Rockwell in Makati. But when I miss it, I usually just attend our neighborhood church instead  and in a more conservative outfit :P

OKAY! TODAY, I wore my school uniform. LOL. Since I haven't shared to you, guys, my school uniform, I'll give you a tour on how my school uniform look.

I'm a dentistry student so it's irritating how strict we should comply with our uniform. I repeat, I'm a DENTISTRY STUDENT, NOT NURSING STUDENT. LOL. I often get mistaken as a nursing student, so yeah.

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