24 December 2010

5th day of Misa de Gallo (19 Dec '10)

It's the birthday of my awesome sister a.k.a. my photographer, Jia!

We had a birthday party for Jia plus a Christmas party with my crazy Ninangs! So my Ninangs are my 2nd mothers, or so they say. LOL. My Ninangs are my Mom's grade school Povedan friends which are still (obviously) friends until today. I really look up to their friendship. They make it to a point that they all see each other once or twice a year! They're so cute. Me and my sisters are even friends with their children as well!

My face doesn't look that white in person. I don't know how that happened. :\

Misa de Gallo outfit:

Sorry for blurring my face :P

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