11 June 2009

Jeepney (only in the Phils :)) )

A random photo, shot by Jia Tria Tirona. While waiting for our burgers to cook.

I wanted to change a lot of my account usernames, namely: Chictopia (from 'yayyraia' to 'shesraia'), Multiply (from 'raiasunnysideup' to 'shesraia') and of course my blog (from 'raia.sunnysideup@yahoo.com' to 'shesraia'). These accounts are really killing me and such. 'Cos they sound stupid especially the blog username, I placed my email in the username box, stupid me. Or was it my cousin who made this. Gahh! Screw the sites where they don't allow changes in usernames D:

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