29 May 2009


Got a new hairstyle! Too straight? No? Well hopefully it gets its volume once I wet it oready. Just got rebonded awhile ago so I'll be washing my hair after 3 more days. Ew. :))

So... I'ma tell you guys what happened awhile ago while I'm being rebonded. The girl who's working on my hair thought I dyed my hair so she told me that she won't rebond it 'cos it'll damage my hair. I kept convincing her that my hair color's natural. She's a shit. Heh. Does my hair look like it has fake color? >:| Haha. Anyhow, she eventually believed me after minutes of conviction. Then after, while she was ironing my hair, it hurts. Heh. She's like ironing my scalp too! Well, she said that t'was normal so I hafta bear the pain. I actually ripped a lotta pages of the magazine I was reading 'cos it really hurts. And now, my scalp's numb, I even don't feel my hair. I feel like I got my hair cut to bald instead of rebonding it. I got pissed 'cos it really hurts and she didn't comply to what I told her on what way should my bangs be ironed so I just gave her a 50 for her tip. If she was careful and all she could've gotten 100 :))


Skinner said...

DUH! Of course it'll hurt. I've been doing the rebond thing for almost 6 times, and I always feel the same thing. Stop being a wuss! ILY! You're still ugly, so, I can't compliment you yet HAHAHA

clem said...

i L.O.V.E it!!!! it looks so chic

Maggie said...

The sleek straight hair suits u very much! :D