20 May 2010

Once you kill a cow, you gotta make a burger!

Had an amazing day with 2 of my best friends, Nicole Macalintal and Heidi Timoteo. Left my camera at home reason why we don't have pictures as proof. We were supposed to watch a movie but then the screening time didn't match our curfew. So, we just ate at Sbarro. Heidi ordered 2 large pizza slices, Nicole ordered spaghetti with meat balls plus a garlic bread & a slice of a huge pizza, and I ordered a stuffed pizza. Heidi was bragging that she's so hungry that she could really finish her food, but Nicole and I were right--she can't. Heidi was really forcing herself to eat everything because Nicole bought her food (outrageous!). Eventually, she gave up leaving a big piece of pizza. L-) I miss them! So as other bean boozzlers!

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