15 September 2010

Debuts and more debuts!

So, okay. Here's a preview on what I usually wear during formal debuts. So, yeah, I'm not into short dresses and too short skirts, if you know what I mean. I love flowy dresses, jumpsuits, and tutu skirts! I couldn't retrieve my outfits from the past debuts I've been, so, I'm sorry. Anywho, enjoy the existing photos!

Sarah Kay's 18th Birthday

Marj @ 18

Ema @ 18

Amy turns 18

P.S. These aren't really outfit-type-of-photo, that's why it's really hard to see all the details. Plus, I didn't bother post processing it. I just would like to really give a preview about my formal-ish way of dressing.
P.P.S. Photos don't belong to me. Photo credits to Sarah Kay, Mara Ibay, Angel Casaul, & Mela Bravo.

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