19 July 2009

I love you, rainstorms

It’s been awhile since I last updated, as usual. It’s just that I’m kinda enjoying the rain drizzling everywhere that I enjoyed just sleeping, reading and relaxing on the couch or on the bunk. :D

So okay, this is the outfit I used when Jans, Ynns and I had a walk in Rockwell Powerplant last friday. Our classes were suspended ‘cos of the continuous rainfall, so we took the oppurtunity to see each other and that we planned to watch a movie. Unluckily, we ended ordering a drink from starbucks and eating our asses off McDonald’s. I even inadvertently spilled my Coke on her. Sarry Jans :D

Anyhow, our hang-out was utterly uncalled-for so my outfit was made from a 2secs exertion.

Kbye :D