19 August 2009

Woot, woot yea!

T'was fun! Wee!

Make Heidi an FB account na kasi! LMAO.

Too bad tomorrow's subjects 're bogus. No long breaks and slothy profs :(. Screw them! =))

Ey! We didn't have any photos in quarto's awhile ago. How sad. Quarto's ulit... sa thurs? Nah, I'm becoming broke and more broke everyday. LOL, kidding bout with not going to quarto's.

16 August 2009



He's so adorable and I love him. :D I don't know what he's singing, but, who cares? LOL. :>

B club


Go Jho!

Congratulations! LOL.



13 August 2009

07 August 2009

Dominick Paulino anyone? ==))

Go on, ask me and I'll ask him, don't worry asking personal questions. LOL. I can make you anonymous if you'd like. HAHA. Kidding.