17 July 2010

Forever 21

Outfit I wore today. Today = Shopping day = Foot Callous day. Haha. I finally visited F21! It's not what I expected F21 would look, but then, it's still awesome!!! :) Wasn't able to buy what I really wanted to buy because of too many people shopping. Sucker. My sister and I only managed to buy a skirt, a dress, a duffel bag, and a sleeveless top. We didn't even had the chance to use the dressing room because of the long line! Sheesh. Haha. Well, that's about my day. Enjoy the photos ;)

P.S. Sorry about the haggard look. I was just really, really tired :| And today's really, fuhreakin hot! :|
P.P.S. I made that necklace. LOL. I know, I always say that every time I use it. Heh! :P

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Channie Patay said...

Love the oufit Raia! :) You are super skinny! OMG! and love your hair! when did you had it cut?