19 March 2010

Onto my next chapter

No, it's not because of my hair. LOL. I recently have this new self project. I need to change my social interaction thing. I realized that I don't really want to be hateful. I want to be friendly in a friendly way (I hope you, guys, get that). I don't wanna be that vocal, I know that being vocal is like totally me, but I thought (I know that it's not only me) it's too ugly in my part 'cos I get to say a lot of non-sense things. Not to mention that I have to be good now, like angelic good which is totally hard for me. LOL. So, wish me luck.

For the meantime, I want to share to you, these set of new photos from my dear friend, Meloy's 18th birthday party. I must say, she had a rockin' great party! Her party was like a party of a celeb's.

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