27 March 2010

Meet my new babies :)

This morning I was able to get 9 beautiful rings from my web shopping last week that completes my most awaited ring-photo-shoot, teehee! I gave 3 to my little sisters the gold and green star plus the tiny black ring. I'll try borrowing them next time to show you, guys, the photos. It's sssssso adorable! For the meantime, here are the ones I bought. I've included the two rings (the blue spiral one and the colorful floral one) I bought somewhere in Powerplant Mall, Rockwell and the other one which has a lady printed on it was given by my Aunt from F21.

On another note and a random fact about me: I never really liked stacking bracelets on my hand. I'm not also a fan of bangles, rubber bracelets, and personalized bracelets. Not only does it look bad on my arm but also the huge imagery on my arm makes me feel overdressed. But I certainly adore metal bracelets, leather cuffs, etc. as long as it looked neat and cute on me.

My obsessions include necklaces, like the dangling ones from F21 (though I only have 4 of those kinds), chokers, and gemmed necklaces. Oh and, I do love stealing my friends' tiny cute toys to use it as a pendant for my necklace. Hello, Heidi! Also, chunky rings are so obsessive! I'm now loving the idea of stacking rings on fingers for some unknown reason.

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