07 April 2010

Sign of Summer!

Silang, Cavite (Silang Forest Life)
First outfit...
This is the awesome view from the side of the pool. Pretty, huh?

With my sisters (Wearing green-Jia; wearing brown-Lui)

Their garden with the bird house. I really love the stringy things on top. I would love to have one for our garden as well, I just don't know what it's called.

Tagaytay (Bisita Iglesia)
I wasn't able to see the names of the churches 'cause my foot is aching from walking. I fuhreakin used high heels for penance and they said that it was cardio! LOL! Also, the heat is killing me!

Back to Silang, Cavite (Silang Forest Life)

My uncle =)) This was inside our hut!

The very cute playground. It's really chilly there and I never thought it would be that chilly reason for my unwanted wears. I actually thought it would be really hot--fail.

My mom and my sister look so cute here!

Swimming time! The water was freezing! So as the wind!

My hot mom! :))

Silang Forest Life Waterfalls
The falls was freezing to death!

On our way back to the pool (aka the top of the hill)... Going up was scarier than going down. We took different path that had scarier structures. But hell yeah it was the most enjoying part of our trip!
Haggard much? :))

P.S. Sorry if other photos are quite blurry.

Matabungkay, Batangas
We stayed at the house of my Ninang and we fuhreakin slept in the humongous tent, how cool is that?
Second outfit...
They this humongous awesome inflatable pool. See the blue thing at the right side!

They have this really cute Princess Shitzu named Marcus. They said that they never really grow, therefore, I want one!

The sun is too awesome that time! (Photo editing by Ynna Griarte)

The somehow obvious look of their garden, LOL. This was during the Easter Egg Hunt!



camille said...

i loove your blazer raia!!

RAIA said...

Thank you, Camille! I love it, too!

camille said...

where'd you get it? hahaha. can you get me one also. :P or can i have yours?

RAIA said...

I just found it in my mom's really old closet. I got another one nga e, it's more amazing. I'll post some cool photos soon! :)) But I'll buy you something similar if I'd get to see one!