16 April 2010

Thank you, boyfriend :)

My boyfriend made this picture of me as his primary photo in facebook. I was really happy about the caption but then he freakishly changed it! That's so thoughtful, babe! LOL. But I'm still happy with what he did with my photo :))
On another note, I was practicing my make-up skills, reason why I ended having this photo. I told a lot about my suckish make-up skills before that's why while I'm still bored, I'll be practicing so much :P Alongside my suckish make-up skills is my bogus photo-editing knowledge. I'm about to download photoshop just to learn things :)) Oh, I love summer break!

Before, I made this picture of him as my profile picture. Maybe he's just getting back at me. I just found him really attractive in this photo that I got so obsessed to look at and so decided what to do with it :))

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