07 December 2009


So, okay, I wore this yesterday for mass and to some other places.

We also went to Robinson's pioneer to see some furniture for my uncle's new apartment. On the way to the appliances area, near the escalator (detailed?), a guy wearing skullcandy headphones, leather vest, jeans, and I forgot what shoes he was wearing, approached me and fuhreakishly told me, "Excuse me, you're pretty and I like your style, could I get a picture with you?" But he said it in TagLish (Tagalog slash Filipino with a mix of English). I got scared so I didn't entertained him. LOL. I'm pretty scared of strangers, I mean, I'm FUHCKIN SCARED. Though he looks decent and all, in fact, cute, but eck, what the heck. LOL.

After checking out furniture, we went to Starbuck's to drown ourselves with drinks 'cos I haven't got a planner yet. Sucks, I know. I'm only halfway in finishing it. Whatever.

The end :D

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