24 December 2010

6th day of Misa de Gallo (20 Dec '10)

Just another rest day for me! And genetics project focal.

I got my Starbucks Wood Planner this day! Yyay! Even if Starbucks' planners keep getting ugly every year (just my opinion!), I still love purchasing it because of its benefits! Not only do I get pretty cool free planner from purchasing my favorite beverages (e.g. Toffeenut Latte/iced and Vanilla Frap or Green Tea Frap!), I also get to help the future of kids of SparkHope!

Misa de Gallo outfit:

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Channie said...

I love all of your Misa de Gallo outfits! :D

Xx, Channie

p.s. follow back please?